Custom Kit Information

This page provides all the information required when requesting Laser Cut Kits Australia to translate your plans to wood. Please read through carefully as most of your questions will most likely be answered.

Converting Paper Plans we use a computerised drawing package normally referred to as a CAD “Computer Aided Drafting” program to create our kits. For this to happen the original plans must be converted to an image from the paper plans. This can be easily done by taking your plans down to Officeworks and getting them scanned in. When having this done, make sure they scan the plans at 400dpi in a TIFF format. Also, do yourself a favor and take a thumb drive with you so they can load the images onto. After that’s completed, just email them to us for quotation. If your plans are already in a PDF format, just forward them as is. If your not so tech savvy then you can mail the plans to us directly but please keep in mind we take no responsibility if the plans get damaged during transport or scanning. One of the biggest myths when it comes to converting paper plans to CAD is that we use a simple program to convert it in a matter of minutes. Nothing could be further from the truth. Once the image has been imported into our CAD program, all the parts that will be included in the kit have to be traced from scratch. This can take from 4 to 20 hours of work.

Fee’s and Ownership

As each individuals requirements are different we’ve tried to breakdown the typical request into the following fee structures;

A) Kit created from plans in original scale. A fee of $200 to perform CAD conversion but does not include the price of the kit or shipping.

B) Kit created from plans that are required to be re-scaled. A fee of $400 to perform rescaling and CAD work plus an enlarged set of printed plans. Please be aware that the original scale was engineered for that size and may not suit the modified version. LCKA does not re-engineer the drawings in any way. If you wish to have the materials changed in any way it must be made clear at the time of quote. This fee does not include the price of the kit or shipping.

C) Kit created from your own CAD drawings. A fee of $50 is charged to modify the plans to suit the cutting process. This fee does not include the price of the kit or shipping

To obtain any quote from LCKA, a full set of the plans must be supplied. Just supplying the size of the aircraft and what type it is will not suffice. The plans have vital information like material thickness and type. We will endeavor to supply all the parts we can from the plans but we only produce parts from Balsa and Plywood. From time to time we receive plans that are deficient in most of the parts. All parts must be laid out on the plans for us to replicate e.g. Only the most inner and outer ribs sometimes are shown on the plans.

LCKA operates under most ethical standards. When you are charged one of those fee’s above, the final CAD work will be stored on file with LCKA and will not be used to supply a kit to another individual unless permission is given by the originator. We feel its not appropriate for us to benefit from those plans once the fee has been charged. On occasion we may feel that the kit would sell well on the website and the above fee’s would be waved. This is purely up to the discretion of LCKA and would be mentioned on the supplied quote. At no time will any of our drawings be supplied to the customer. If you wish to another kit at some time in the future, all you have to do is pay for the kit itself. Please ensure you supply your address so we can quote on shipping. Once work has commenced there is no entitlement to a refund.


Upon acceptance of quote, full payment must be made before commencement of any work. We allow for a 6 to 8 week turnaround as there are normally a few jobs in the queue. LCKA also operates as a part time business and the full time job take priority over everything else, without the full time jobs there is no LCKA. We accept Paypal, Bank Transfer, Cheque or Cash but if choose Cheque or Bank Transfer you will not be entered into the queue until those payments clear. We will keep you informed once these payments have cleared. Please allow the 8 weeks to pass before chasing up your kit. If there are delays with your kit, LCKA will communicate with you before the 8 weeks are up.


LCKA uses Australia Post to ship all products Australia wide and overseas. Standard postage is from 2 to 8 working days. You’ll be advised when the parcel has been dispatched. We only use one size box “94x31x10cm” so all shipping calculations are based on this. Once you receive your parcel, you have 30 days to verify that all the parts are included in the kit. If there are deficiencies we will supply and ship those parts free of charge within 3 weeks.

We thank you for your business and hope you are pleased with your kit.