About Us

Laser Cut Kits Australia was first establish in 2011 by Brad Heller in Maitland NSW. Since then we have grown to be the largest supplier of custom kits in the Southern Hemisphere. We ship all over Australia and around the world. Our well equipped workshop includes a 100 Watt CO2 Laser with a working bed of 1200x900mm, more than suitable to handle any kit required. We even use a 42″ wide format printer for producing high quality paper plans

Our business operates as a custom cutting service where your kit is produced upon an order being placed. We stock all of the material required and typically produce all of our kits within a couple of weeks. All of our cutting is done in-house. Most other kit cutters out-source this and are not in control of their quality.

At LCKA we have extremely high ethics when it comes to handling intellectual property. We have never re-produced any plans without the consent of the originator. This is very important when storing all of the plans from Jerry Bates, Wendell Hostetler and many others. Next time you intend on buying plans consider this….. “Is your purchase benefiting the person who put in countless hours producing them?”

Our prices are extremely competitive and usually cheaper than ordering elsewhere. Our customer service speaks for itself, I invite you to checkout our Reviews page.

Yours Sincerely,

Brad Heller
Laser Cut Kits Australia